Refinancing Due to Divorce

If you’re refinancing due to divorce, financial questions and concerns will certainly arise throughout the process. Accunet has years of experience helping people refinance their homes as a result of divorce. They key to success is our attention to detail. We take the time to document the monthly payment obligations of each party including alimony, child support and separate maintenance.

Our dedicated team of loan consultants will help you prepare all the documents you need for a successful refinance experience. While your divorce does not need to be final in order to refinance, a marital settlement agreement will need to be finalized, signed and dated by both parties. If the divorce has been finalized by the court, then a complete signed copy of the final divorce decree will also be needed along with the settlement agreement.

For those who need or want to use child support, alimony or separate maintenance as a source of qualifying income, we will need to verify the receipt of those payments for a minimum of six months to demonstrate that the income is stable. In addition, we have to verify that the divorce-related income will continue at least three years from the date of application. And if you are the person obligated to make the payments mentioned above, the monthly amount will be added to all your other payments including your new refinanced mortgage payment, auto, student debt and credit card payments to determine your ability to repay the new mortgage.

Removing a former spouse from the mortgage debt and title

  • If you’ve decided to keep your home, refinancing allows for you to legally remove your former spouse from the title, note and mortgage.
  • Accunet can determine if you qualify for a new loan, which in turn could provide cash to buy out the other party and remove that party from the title, note and mortgage.
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Accunet Mortgage will not only help you keep track of the details, but we will also educate you on what the details are and why they’re important. To learn more about refinancing due to divorce, contact a licensed loan consultant today and we’ll help you get started.