No Risk Refi

No Appraisal Refinancing with Accunet

As far as we know, Accunet is the only lender that offers you a chance to see if a refi is possible without putting an appraisal deposit at risk. We can help you save thousands of dollars a year without taking a gamble. 

How It Works

  • Step 1 – We Run the Numbers

    You and your friendly Accunet Loan Consultant work together to see if there’s a money-saving refi opportunity based on your estimated credit scores, your refinance goals and a reasonable estimate of your home’s value. No social security number is required. We’ll use the higher of the estimated fair market value on your most recent property tax bill (which we’ll obtain online) or the average of the property tax fair market value and an online automated valuation to determine your eligibility for our No Risk Refi offer.*

  • Step 2 – Application and Desk Appraisal

    If we come up with a money-saving scenario based on Step 1, your Loan Consultant will gather your application information by phone, access your credit report and scores, and obtain an automated underwriting approval all within about 9 minutes. We’ll also lock in your rate, provide you with the required application disclosures and complete a short questionnaire on the key features and improvements of your home so we can order a Desk Appraisal at our cost. There’s also a chance an appraisal won’t be needed at all based on automated underwriting results.

  • Step 3 – Complete the Appraisal

    If the Desk Appraisal, which is typically completed in less than a week, shows an estimated value that supports our original refi game plan, the same appraiser comes out to your home to complete the full appraisal. Still with no appraisal deposit. If the Desk Appraisal comes in lower than we hoped for, you’ve spent nothing. If the Desk Appraisal value is low but you still want the appraiser to come out to complete the full appraisal in hopes of arriving at a higher value, that’s fine. But then we would need the usual appraisal deposit.

And there you have it. The No Risk Refi from your friends at Accunet Mortgage. Learn more about home refinancing.

*If the method we use to determine your property’s estimated value (described above) produces a value that doesn’t result in a money-saving refi scenario, and you think your home will appraise higher, you’re more than welcome to proceed with a full appraisal or Desk Valuation Review by paying the normal up-front  appraisal deposit up front. Your Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure will show the cost of the appraisal (if one is required) and depending on which combination of rate and closing costs you select, you may also receive a closing cost credit that offsets all or a portion of the appraisal cost.

Refi Check-up

NO social security number required!

It takes about 1 minute to complete this form and you'll receive up to 3 rate and closing cost illustrations plus a phone call from one of our friendly, licensed Loan Consultants.