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Mortgage and Home Refinance News and Info

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New Refi Rules of Thumb

The new mortgage refi rules of thumb: It’s all about your loan amount, and what it costs you to refinance. Loan amounts of $100,000 or less typically require a 1% to 2% rate reduction to make a refi worthwhile. Loan amounts around...

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3 Winning Home Refinance Strategies

All-time record low mortgage rates mean opportunity. Mortgage rates have never been lower with Freddie Mac’s weekly survey putting the 30-year fixed rate at an amazing 2.81% if you’re willing to pay 0.6 in points. …So what are your options for taking...

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The Accunet Mortgage Show (01/10/2021) Episode

This week’s Highlights: How do current events affect the housing market? Is renovating your home worth the cost? More housing market data for 2020 Last week had an odd effect on the stock market… here’s why. As a general rule, when the...


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