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Make yourself the “Next Best Thing to a Cash Buyer” with a Rock-Solid Guaranteed Fully-Verified Pre-Approval from Accunet. If we can’t make good on your Rock-Solid Pre-approval letter, we’ll pay both you and the Seller $1,000 each. Don’t settle for a flimsy bank pre-approval.

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Mortgage and Home Refinance News and Info

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New Refi Rules of Thumb

The new mortgage refi rules of thumb: It’s all about your loan amount, and what it costs you to refinance. Loan amounts of $100,000 or less typically require a 1% to 2% rate reduction to make a refi worthwhile. Loan amounts around...

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3 Winning Home Refinance Strategies

All-time record low mortgage rates mean opportunity. Mortgage rates have never been lower with Freddie Mac’s weekly survey putting the 30-year fixed rate at an amazing 2.81% if you’re willing to pay 0.6 in points. …So what are your options for taking...

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The Accunet Mortgage Show (10/18/2020) Episode

In this week’s episode, Brian and David discuss options for making a vacation home in a warm climate a reality- even if payments seem high! And Brian helps an aspiring lawyer secure the condo of her dreams. This week’s highlights: Brian talks...


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