WHEDA Loan Rules & Requirements

Due to recent events, WHEDA regulations and information are constantly changing.
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What do I need for a WHEDA loan?

WHEDA (which stands for Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority) requires home buyers to meet certain eligibility requirements before qualifying for a loan. The requirements and rules below apply to the WHEDA Advantage program, which WHEDA offers to both first-time home buyers and move-up buyers looking to purchase an owner-occupied home in Wisconsin.

1. General requirements

The application process can be a little situational, but generally, all applicants must meet these requirements before continuing with the application process:

Calculate your qualifying income using WHEDA’s worksheet.

2. Location requirements

This is fairly obvious, but worth mentioning. The address of your new home must be within Wisconsin’s geographical limits. WHEDA would also like your new home to be within 50 miles of your work address — but it’s not required.

Call Accunet today to find out if you qualify for a WHEDA loan or find a Wisconsin realtor.

3. Purchase price limits & income limits

WHEDA is designed to help low to moderate-income borrowers. To keep the program focused on these demographics, WHEDA has limits on how much the home can cost, and how much the homebuyer can make in order to qualify. Your total household income must be below WHEDA’s maximum income limits, yet high enough to support your monthly debts.

View WHEDA’s 2021 income limits.

4. Homebuyer education requirements

WHEDA requires you to participate in homebuyer education before you can move into your new home.

  • The course must be completed before closing
  • Can be completed online 
  • Completion certificate must come from a WHEDA-approved educator

When it’s time for you to begin your homebuyer education, your Accunet Loan Consultant will provide the necessary resources to take (and pass) the class.

Learn about WHEDA’s buyer education requirements.

5. Residency requirements

While these rules are specific to qualifying for the WHEDA Advantage program, it’s important to note that all other underwriting guidelines still apply. To help you get a better understanding of your situation, it’s important to obtain a pre-approval letter prior to writing an offer on a home. Accunet Mortgage is here to help you explore all your financing options while working to uncover any pitfalls that may occur down the road.

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WHEDA Loan Rules & Requirements