About Accunet Mortgage

Accunet Mortgage is fairly unique in the mortgage world because our business model is not centered around making our loan officers rich like many mortgage lenders, nor do we try to sell you a lot of other products and services like a bank.

Our mission is simple

  1. To help our clients find a better mortgage deal than they could get at a bank or one of the big national lenders, and
  2. To provide a level of advice, convenience and service that inspires word-of-mouth referrals.

How do we deliver lower rates and fees?

First of all, we keep our overhead low by operating out of one centralized office in Waukesha, Wisconsin. No granite counter tops or fancy furniture at Accunet “World Headquarters.” The next ingredient in our low cost recipe is that we really focus on efficiency.  We’ve streamlined and automated as many functions of the mortgage approval process as possible.  Independent audits of our company confirm we’re twice as efficient as the average mortgage lender, and that means lower rates and closing costs for you.

No junk fees – When you look at our rate and fee quotes, you’ll also notice a distinct absence of what we call “junk fees.”  No underwriting fee, no loan processing or administration fee, no flood certification or tax service fee either.

Accunet Mortgage was started in 1999 and has gained recognition as a top-ranked direct-to-consumer lender with a service area that includes Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and Florida. We’re pleased to have been recognized with the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Microsoft and Ernst & Young in addition to being selected as a Future 50 Company. We are committed to civic involvement through our support of Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin’s where we have established the Accunet Mortgage Fund for School-Based Health Clinics.