The Accunet Mortgage Show (6/5/16 Episode)

On the latest Accunet Mortgage and Realty Show presented by 620 WTMJ, Accunet loan consultant David Wickert steers the ship while President Brian Wickert dials in from New Orleans. David provides listeners with his key takeaways from the current jobs report and what it says about the economy in our backyard and nationwide.
Unfortunately, some of the numbers look sour for the overall economy:

  • Only 38,000 new jobs were created last month
  • There are currently 6.4 million workers involuntarily working part-time
  • 460,000 unemployed Americans have stopped looking for work

But as David explains, news that’s sour for the economy is often good news for mortgage rates.
Next up, David discusses the second largest group of people buying homes in today’s market. Married couples make up the largest group of home buyers, representing more than half of the home buyers out there, but who is the second largest group? Single men? Single women? Unmarried couples? David reveals the answer in this week’s episode.
To wrap up this week, David details Accunet’s educational approach when working with millennial home buyers. This leads into a conversation about the many challenges millennials face when buying their first home, especially for those who are employed part-time. Tune in below to get the full scoop and learn how Accunet Mortgage can help you plan ahead so you can make smarter home buying choices.
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