The Accunet Mortgage Show (2/3/19 Episode)

On this weeks episode, Chief Honesty Officer Brian Wickert has some great news about 2019 interest rates, the team discusses the potential privatization of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Brian meets with the Elm Brook Rotary Club, MLB pitcher Randy Johnson sells his house in Arizona, and much, much more.

This week’s episode:

This week’s home-buying advice from the guys who know it best

There’s no such thing as a national real estate market

Brian, David, and Mark discuss the sale of a former Yankee’s Paradise Valley, Arizona mansion for $7.3 Million.

Good news for Interest Rates

Mortgage rates are down in 2019 with Fannie Mae projecting that 30-year fixed rates will stay around 4.5% into 2020

  • Mortgage rates came down after a “dovish” Fed report on Wednesday.
  • Stock prices up.
  • A “Smoking” hot jobs report (304,000 new jobs created).
  • Wages have increased by 3.1%

Click here to see the latest Mortgage rates.

  • Brian tells us Why we should care about Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac’s potential privatization

Don’t assume tomorrow will be like today. Things could look very different in 5 years. Buy a house now. Buy the home you can live in for 25 years.

West Coast Real Estate vs the Real World

Want to find a place to call home, without a headache? The devil’s in the details

  • Demographics are destiny (David Wickert)
  • Condo sales were up in 2018

What should I be looking for in offers Tip for Listing agents and sellers

Brian shares a story about appraisals, commitment letters to the seller, and conditional loan approvals.
Read the pre-approval letter! Make sure it matches the terms of the agreement:

  • loan amount
  • loan type
  • Interest rate

A fully verified pre-approval will give the seller confidence that you can make good on your offer. Remember if you want a Rock-Solid Pre-Approval, you need more than just a credit check![elementor-template id=”10109″]

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