Saying ‘I Do’ to Buying a House

It’s a story we’ve all heard before – couple falls in love, gets married and buys a house. This has been a traditional life trajectory for years, but it’s a tradition being rivaled by an emerging group of homeowners. Married couples still represent more than half the number of home buyers in America, but in a report by MGIC Connects, a national private mortgage insurer, a new trail is being blazed by a nontraditional demographic. Making up the second largest group of home buyers, at 18%, are single women.

Women Homebuying Facts | Infographic - An Infographic from MGIC Connects
Why are so many single women looking to buy their first homes? There’s no one reason, but one factor may stem from there being more women enrolling in college and earning degrees than ever before. Additionally, the number of women living at home with their parents or relatives is the highest it’s been in over 75 years at 36%.

It’s clear there’s a demand for owning a home among single women, particularly millennials. Regardless of if you’re a single woman or a family, however, the home buying experience is not one you take on your own. It takes years of experience and years of studying the industry to fully understand the different logistics that factor into buying a home, and our team has that experience.

The Accunet family is dedicated to staying current with the mortgage industry’s ever-changing trends and providing education during the home buying experience.  This approach is particularly important for first-time home buyers in their 20s and early 30s. Whether you’re a single woman, married or otherwise, Accunet is here to guide you into understanding how much you can really afford and ultimately help you buy that first home so you can start creating traditions all your own.

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