Help Build Another Habitat for Humanity Home

Accunet Mortgage is issuing another matching donation challenge to all past and current clients, friends and fans of Accunet, real estate agents and even competitors (truly anyone reading this message) to help build another Habitat for Humanity home – this time in Milwaukee’s Midtown neighborhood.

This is part of Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity’s most ambitious neighborhood revitalization program in its 30-year history. Midtown 100 will result in the construction of 65 new homes, 20 major repairs and 15 complete rehabs (that’s a total of 100 homes) over three years.  Starting this spring, blocks of empty lots in Midtown are being transformed into the highest concentration of affordable single-family homes built in Milwaukee since WWII.

A full-home sponsorship is $75,000.  Accunet will match donations up to a total of $37,500, so we’re counting on you to help with the other $37,500 so that together we’ll help another hard-working, low-income Milwaukee family become a homeowner and transform not only their future, but the future of an entire neighborhood. Donate now!
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The matching challenge coincides with Milwaukee Habitat’s annual fundraising dinner on Thursday, October 4, so we want to reach the $37,500 match amount by 9pm that day. Donate on or before October 4 to have the best chance of your donation being doubled.

Habitat for Humanity is NOT a giveaway program. Habitat homeowners are required to pay back a mortgage equal to the fair market value of the home (typically about $95,000) over a loan term that makes sure no more than 30% of their monthly income goes toward the house payment (including taxes and insurance). The rate on the mortgage from Habitat is at a rate that’s even lower than what Accunet could offer – 0%.

Additionally, the homeowners are required to donate between 300 and 500 hours of “sweat equity” in their home construction or the building of another Habitat for Humanity home. That’s between seven and thirteen 40-hour WEEKS of labor they and their family members must contribute while still working their regular jobs, raising kids, etc. That’s a huge commitment of time and energy.  They also complete extensive financial counseling and homeownership training.

Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity Building

Habitat improves the entire neighborhood. Milwaukee’s Washington Park neighborhood was Milwaukee Habitat’s first concentrated neighborhood revitalization effort. Crime has decreased 48% on the blocks where they’ve built and repaired homes, because homeownership not only improves the lives of the individual families, but everyone around them. Vacant lots and condemned homes are also returned to the tax rolls as property-tax-producing properties. We expect the same outcome in Midtown. It’s a simple formula that really works.

Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity Building

How much should you donate?  Any donation is appreciated, but here’s an idea – Maybe you saved $75 a month by refinancing with Accunet, or maybe more. Would you consider donating one month of savings to help a Habitat homeowner and stabilize Milwaukee’s home values? Donate now

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