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The Accunet Mortgage Learning Center is your ultimate guide to learning the ins and outs of the mortgage industry. Regardless of whether you're buying your first home, looking to refinance, or simply want to learn more about today's rates and loan options, Accunet's team of loan officers will provide expert advice to handle any mortgage scenario.

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5 Emotional Stages of a Home Seller

Judging by the general amount of homes for sale and the current demand, it’s safe to say that it’s a seller’s market. Depending on your location, it hasn’t been uncommon to receive multiple offers in a very short period of time. While this is great, it also has the potential to become overwhelming to some …

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4 Motivations For Refinancing

While rates have certainly gone up since this time last year, rates are still historically low. That said, the Fed is still looking to raise rates so if you missed the trophy rates last year, don’t worry – refinancing today will still give you a great rate, but remember that it’s only going up from …

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What You Need to Know About the Home Inspection Contingency

The first thing to know is that if you put anything: in the contract or in an amendment to the contract or in a Notice related to the offer That says something like: Purchase price is lowered from $200,000 to $190,000 because of the defective roof or Price lowered because of basement issues as detailed …

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7 Common Mistakes Made by First-Time Home Buyers

As Millennial loan consultant David Wickert likes to say, “Nobody goes to mortgage class in high school.”  By this, David means that it’s perfectly normal for home buyers to not know all the ins and outs of the mortgage world and home buying process. After all, that’s what the experts at Accunet are here to …

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