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The Accunet Mortgage Learning Center is your ultimate guide to learning the ins and outs of the mortgage industry. Regardless of whether you're buying your first home, looking to refinance, or simply want to learn more about today's rates and loan options, Accunet's team of loan officers will provide expert advice to handle any mortgage scenario.

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If You Can Pay Cash, Why Take a Mortgage?

The short answer is “opportunity cost.”  Here’s a real story that’s still unfolding. I got a call from a financial advisor whose high-net-worth client’s daughter was about to buy her first home in the $325,000 price range.  The daughter, let’s call her Grace (not her real name) already has enough of her own assets to …

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Habitat for Humanity Matching Donations Exceed the Goal

UPDATED 11/10/17 The final tally is in. Donations to Milwaukee Habitat eligible for Accunet’s matching challenge totaled $76,186. Employees, customers, vendors, real estate agents and even two competitors dug deep and made sure that none of Accunet’s $75,000 matching funds went unused.

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Equifax Data Breach: What I Did to Protect My Credit Identity

Updated October 8, 2017 What’s new? The new tip is that you cannot use the same email address to initiate an on-line credit freeze/lock with Equifax for a second person. The toll-free numbers for initiating a freeze/lock by phone with a live person at each of the three credit bureaus have also been updated below. …

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Saving for a Down Payment on Your First House

The decision to buy a house can be one of the biggest decisions in your life, especially if it’s going to be your first. You can’t just rush into it. You need to be prepared. While there are numerous factors to consider when readying yourself to become a home-buyer, an obvious big one is money …

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Help Build Two Habitat for Humanity Homes

Accunet Mortgage is issuing a matching donation challenge to all past and current clients, friends and fans of Accunet, real estate agents and even competitors (truly anyone reading this message) to help build 2 more Habitat for Humanity homes in Milwaukee’s Washington Park neighborhood in 2018.

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