Accunet Raises $14,181 for Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity

On July 28th, 2019, Accunet celebrated a milestone: Our 20th anniversary!
At first, we figured we’d throw a party with some of the people who helped make Accunet what it is today. But then, it hit us: What if we also invited our guests to donate $20 each ($1 for each of our years in business) to Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity? With 250 guests on the invite list, we set our goal: $5,000 in guest donations. But why stop there? For every dollar we raised, we vowed to match it, bringing the final goal to $10,000.

We’re proud to announce that after the party ended, we had raised $7,081 in guest donations. After we matched the donations, we reached $14,181 for Habitat, smashing our $10,000 goal!

We had a blast at the 20th-anniversary party (check out the video for a sneak peek at the “Accunets”). We’re so thankful to those who have helped us raise $14,181 toward Habitat for Humanity and their amazing Midtown 100 neighborhood revitalization effort.