Accunet Mortgage Reviews

Below are a number of recent reviews from our customers.  98.5% of our past customers would recommend us to a friend.  Think about it. It takes a lot more to earn a recommendation than it does mere satisfaction.

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“Our specific situation needed quick action and as first time home-buyers, we did not know the first thing about the process. Accunet was fantastic – patient with all of our questions, thorough and clear in responses (I love the action items at the end of the emails), flexible ,and proactive. They worked quickly to push the process along and guided us as we made decisions and found additional resources for us through the process. Wouldn’t change a thing.”

5.0— Jessica L. 03/28/2018- Purchase

“…A good friend recommended Brian at Accunet and it was the best referral we have received in years. Within 3 hours of calling Accunet we had a verbal pre-approval and within less than 24 hours, we had a written approval. Thanks to Brian’s pre-approval, we were able to make an offer on our dream home and moved into the home within a few short weeks…”

5.0— Margie H. 03/24/2018- Purchase

“Throughout the process, there was tons of communication, clarity, and, complete follow through. And being able to have all the paperwork completed in my office on my schedule was terrific.” 5.0— Tom P. 03/19/2018 

“I highly recommend Accunet Mortgage. I worked with Kevin Custer and he was wonderful. He was very thorough and was always available to answer my questions. Very positive experience!”5.0— Lori W. 03/17/2018 

“Professional, timely, and personable. Can’t recommend enough. We would choose Accunet again and again!!”

5.0— Rachel S. 02/17/2018

“We had a wonderful experience with this company. Just bought our first home and I kept hearing about them on the radio so I gave it a shot. Got our mortgage put together very fast and the staff was helpful and quick to respond and answer every question I had. I definitely would recommend them!”

5.0— Carrie B. 02/17/2018- Purchase

“Accunet was wonderful during my difficult Mortgage transaction due to my selling of 2 homes and purchase of 1. Accunet went above and beyond to help me get it done. I couldn’t have asked for better service! I HIGHLY recommend them!”

5.0— Raquel S. 10/13/2017- Purchase

“Bill provided excellent customer service. We are so blessed to have our mortgage with Accunet Mortgage. We are grateful to have been referred.”
5.0— Gene P. 01/12/2017- Refinance

“Very good experience. If I had to do it again, I would.”
5.0— Vincent M. 01/11/2017- Refinance

“Always would quickly respond to messages and emails”
4.5— Amy D. 01/11/2017 – Refinance

“Very smooth and easy transaction. We appreciated having the closing agent come to our home for the closing!!”
5.0— David D. 01/10/2017- Refinance

“Everything was amazing. You have perfected the process and it was extremely streamlined. I really appreciated the option to upload documents to the website and the loan officer was very prompt and knowledgeable. Accunet exceeded my expectations and I’ve already spread the word to several others. Thank you!”
5.0— Joseph C. 01/09/2017- Refinance

“The whole process was great. The title company commented that it was their smoothest closing ever… because of my great lender, Accunet!”
5.0— John A. 01/07/2017- Purchase

“Sandi and Cherie did an amazing job for us. We had worked with Sandi in the past, with excellent results, so expected no less. They absolutely delivered! We have recommended Sandi and Accunet to others and will continue to do so. The entire experience was absolutely the best.”
5.0— Sandra W. 01/07/2017- Purchase

“It was very convenient having the person come to our house for the closing. They were able to accommodate our schedule.”
5.0— Jason B. 01/07/2017- Refinance

“The attention to detail and communication throughout the process was not only impressive, but first class. I wouldn’t pass a higher recommendation or appreciation for the service we received. First class operation.”
5.0— Justin W. 12/27/16 – Refinance

“It was amazing. I really didn’t have anything to do except make that initial phone call. Thank you!”
5.0— Heidi K. 12/21/16 – Refinance

“We’ve had multiple re-fi’s with Accunet. The process couldn’t be any easier or clearer. We always recommend Accunet when we hear of someone looking to re-fi or buy. Thank you for a superb job!”
5.0— James T. 12/20/16 – Refinance

“My entire experience with Accunet was better than I could’ve hoped for. Jerry’s explanations of all aspects was fantastic and he did a great job at breaking down the loan costs with me.”
5.0— Erik P. 12/19/16 – Purchase

“Overall the entire Accunet team is very helpful and willing to do what it takes to complete the loan process. There was a challenge with the initial appraisal service, the Accunet team addressed the situation and the out come was outstanding.”
4.5— Ted N. 12/19/16 – Refinance

“Everyone I communicated with was professional and friendly and every step of the way everything got done in a timely fashion.”
5.0— Diane S. 12/19/16 – Refinance

“Bill was great! Professional, knowledgeable and very easy to work with! Thank you Bill!”
5.0— Nicole B. 12/11/16 – Refinance

“Loved the personal attention. So impressed that Brian Wickert introduced himself and chatted for awhile. I felt very comfortable throughout the entire process. I appreciated the weekly phone calls from Brad regarding the progress of the loan.”
5.0— Kevin K. 11/29/16 – Purchase

“I’ve had several home refinancing over the years and my experience with your staff and company was by far the best and easiest I’ve had.”
5.0— Randy S. 11/29/16 – Refinance

“Everyone was wonderful!! The whole process from beginning to end was beyond excellent. Thank you to everyone who helped in this refinance!!”
5.0— Donna B. 11/17/16 – Refinance

“The entire Accunet Team was very open and accessible while communicating every detail of the loan process. All of the closing cost and payables were in the general ball park at closing. Most impressive, was the president/owner assisted in the process. He called us back after normal business hours to assure us that his Team was working on our loan since we had numerous obstacles. Furthermore, the Accunet Team exhausted and evaluated every possible avenue to make sure our loan was approved and closed on time. Having purchased many investment properties and a primary residence, Accunet could not have done anything better. Accunet is a leader in the mortgage industry.”
5.0— Jonathan W. 11/06/16 – Purchase

“Excellent company. Hard working people, knowledgeable, helpful and had a logical solution to make things right on a problem that came up near the end of our loan process.”
4.5— Bradley T. 11/03/2016 – Purchase

“Many options were developed with great explanation and good, secure communication throughout the entire process – Accunet is to-notch, I will recommend them to everyone looking for a home loan or refinance.”

“Could not have been an easier process to refi; highly recommend!”
5.0— Paul I. 10/24/16 – Refinance

“Many options were developed with great explanation and good, secure communication throughout the entire process – Accunet is top-notch, I will recommend them to everyone looking for a home loan or refinance.

5.0— Mike F. 09/25/16 – Purchase

“Loved the patience and ease from all involved. Felt well cared for and that I wasn’t a number… personalized service was key for me and what I share with my friends and family.”
5.0— Lori H. 09/15/16 – Purchase

“I liked signing the closing documents at my home at a convenient time. Application process was much easier than the original loan through my bank.”
5.0— Peter S. 08/23/16 – Refinance

“The address stamp was a very nice thank you gift. Very thoughtful!!”
5.0— Stephanie W. 08/02/16 – Refinance