Check Your Neighborhood’s Recent Sales

Keeping an eye on your home investment? Wondering about prices in your dream neighborhood? Curious about the home that sold down the street?
This quick look at sales trends in your zip code will help you out either way. You can see median price points, average sales prices and number of sales per month. Dig deeper for details of recent sales in your zip code.
Information updates as new data becomes available. You may want to bookmark this site so you can check again in the future.
A couple of things to note:

  • If you’re buying or selling, please remember this data is different from what an appraiser uses to establish home value. The appraiser will look at true comparable properties, meaning those that are similar in style, size and location. This will not include all homes sold within your zip code as our list does.
  • Complete transaction data is not always available. Even where some information may be missing, we hope you’ll find the listings interesting and useful.

If you have questions about recent sales trends in your zip code or home financing in general, please reach out.

We’re happy to help.

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