The Accunet Mortgage Show (7/3/16 Episode)

This week on the Accunet Mortgage and Realty Show, Brian and David pick up from last week’s Brexit conversation, share the latest rate round-up numbers, offer a quick snapshot of southeastern Wisconsin’s real estate supply and demand curve and talk about how buyers can be rock-solid for the growing wave of homes being listed this summer. Find out how Brexit is impacting mortgage rates, which world economies are boasting the best interest rates and more.

Later in the show, Brian and David cover everything you need to know about the importance of using the right language in purchase contracts. As David points out, there are two main reasons why language matters when it comes to your offer to purchase:

  1. A purchase contract is a legal exchange of goods – This means that the contract should consider every detail. If something is found in the home inspection for example, the contract should clearly outline what the buyer or seller needs to fix, when and how it should be fixed, and who will be in charge of doing the job.
  2. Certain things can and cannot be in a purchase contract – In order for mortgage underwriting to be approved, the correct language needs to be implemented. Even though every detail is important, items that aren’t affixed to the house such as ladders, step stools and brooms should not be included in a purchase contract. It’s best to keep the contract clean and simple.

Next, Brian shares a story from the front lines with expert advice on financing and purchasing condominiums. To close out the episode, Brian and David offer tips on how to be a good participant in your homeowners association and talk about the different risks and concerns involved with investing in your home before you sell it. Tune in below and let us help you find the best rates today.
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