The Accunet Mortgage Show (6/19/16 Episode)

On this Father’s Day edition of the Accunet Mortgage and Realty Show, Brian and David share expert parental advice for younger home buyers who may be looking to buy their very first home and take a look at the week in numbers covering the latest appraisal and appreciation trends.

To start things off, Brian goes through his top five fatherly tips for new home buyers:

  1. If you’re an unmarried couple, put together a written agreement in advance – In other words, make sure you prepare an emergency exit plan in the event of a breakup or any other occurrence that may keep the two of you from wanting to continue living together under one roof. There are many different scenarios that can make this incredibly complicated for both parties. Plan ahead to avoid further legal complications that will undoubtedly make unwinding the transaction a muddier process.
  2. Buy as much house as you can – With rates being so ridiculously low, take advantage and buy that bigger home right now instead of settling for a starter home or condo.
  3. Don’t be afraid to put down less than 20% – Accunet has an array of services and different loan options that provide an inexpensive alternative for millennial home buyers who want to avoid monthly PMI.
  4. Keep some money in reserve – What’s better, a small difference in payment or keeping thousands of dollars in your pocket? One misstep can cause a financial meltdown. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep enough money in the bank so you can properly manage your down payment and additional payments that come into play once you buy your new house.
  5. Practice – Learning as much as you can about how much you can afford and the advantages of refinancing will help you prepare and practice for making that future home payment.

The latter half of this week’s episode focuses on new changes in home appreciation data. Find out which housing market is Wisconsin’s best and which nearby metropolitan areas are on the rise. Also, get an inside look at a few specific appraisal situations and learn what you can and can’t say to an appraiser.
It’s going to be a busy summer in the mortgage world, so click on the blue button today and let Accunet help you save and get started on your Rock-Solid Pre-Approval now.
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