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Should I Refinance My Home?

Lowering your monthly mortgage payment, taking cash out and paying off your mortgage sooner are just a few of the many reasons to refinance with Accunet Mortgage.

What Are My Refinancing Options?

When homeowners think about refinancing, they often rely on the old 1% rule – the rule that tells us to lower our rate a full 1% to make refinancing worthwhile. The truth is this rule no longer applies in today’s market. With Accunet’s already low closing costs, you may only need to lower your rate .5% to save thousands of dollars in interest and lower your monthly mortgage payment considerably.

There are many different rules and guidelines mortgage lenders will recommend, and similarly, the reasons to refinance differ from person to person. But when it comes to reducing rates and lowering payments, refinancing with Accunet is the obvious choice for homeowners.

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Top Reasons to Refinance Your Home​

To learn more about how our refinance options can help satisfy your mortgage needs, explore some of the other reasons why homeowners refinance with Accunet

I’ve refinanced three times with Accunet. Each time it went smoothly. The last one took a little bit longer but that was to be expected with the rates as low as they were. I’ve lowered my mortgage rate from 5.25 down to 3.5, on a 30 year, and I’m extremely happy!.

Rob Castro-Bosbach
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