What Makes a Good Real Estate Agent?

From friends and family, to friends of friends, it seems like everyone knows a real estate agent. While there are many outstanding real estate agents in the world, there are also plenty who are inexperienced and clearly the wrong choice for your situation. The ideal real estate agent should be a calming force, the voice of reason, and a skilled negotiator who can bring any deal to a fair conclusion. By asking the right questions and gaining as much background information as possible, you will have a much better experience with an agent you can count on.

Experience Matters

If you’re going in for open heart surgery, you’re obviously going to want a surgeon who’s performed the procedure numerous times with a proven record of success. Similarly, the specific type of experience your real estate agent has is even more important than just the amount of experience alone.
Ask potential agents for a list of past transactions with the specific markets and price ranges. This will help you find someone with the specific experience to match your needs. In addition, ask them to talk you through some of the more difficult transactions they’ve been through in the past so you can get a sense of how well they deal with challenging circumstances.

It’s All in the Details

When faced with a troubling transaction, whether it’s caused by a property inspection gone wrong or a difficult client, a real estate agent needs to be good at crafting proper contract language that details all the specifics. This way any problems with a property can be efficiently taken care of before closing. The specific remedy, who’s going to perform and pay for it, and what date the issue will be fixed are details that must be thoroughly presented in every contract.

Part of what makes Accunet’s service so reliable is its willingness to make detail, transparency and specificity top priority before closing on a home. We know the importance of even the most seemingly mundane details, and so should your real estate agent.

Going Above and Beyond

If you’re hiring a real estate agent to sell your home, ask them what they’re going to do to market and prepare your home. Extra things like staging, redecorating and decluttering are great ways to generate buzz so your home can make the best first impression. For homes that are in the higher price range, hosting a broker’s open house can be another good way to create top of mind awareness and give agents and professional sales people in the area an opportunity to check out the listing.

In today’s bustling market, many top real estate agents have the know-how to incorporate prelisting marketing tactics to spark interest right out the gate. One way agents do this is by sending out a string of emails to their past customer list and ask if they know anyone who would be interested in the particular home you’re trying to sell.

Now that you know how to separate the good agents from the sloppy ones, contact our experienced team at Accunet and start your Rock-Solid Pre-Approval now.[elementor-template id=”10109″]

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