Does My Mortgage Loan Have a Pre-Payment Penalty?

Will you be penalized for paying off your mortgage early? Accunet President Brian Wickert explains how pre-payment penalties can be avoided with Accunet Mortgage.

A question we’re often asked is whether or not your mortgage loan, that you get from Accunet, has a pre-payment penalty either for paying off the loan in full or partially before the maturity date.
The answer is No. You can pay off all or part of your mortgage at any time with no penalty on all the loans we provide at Accunet Mortgage.
I would like to point out, however, there is a pre-payment penalty to Accunet Mortgage if your mortgage loan pays off in full within the first 6 months of you having that loan, so we’d appreciate it if you’re thinking about paying off that loan give us a call and let us check to see if we’re out of the danger zone from Accunet’s pre-payment penalty. We’d appreciate that very much.[elementor-template id=”10109″]

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