The Blue Button Makes Its Way to the Roof of Africa

Chief Honesty Officer Brian Wickert, along with his son and licensed Millennial Loan Consultant David Wickert, have been preaching the value of “Clicking on that Blue Button” at for years, and now they’re letting the world know!

Clicking that Blue Button is the best way to get you started on your home buying or refinance journey. After all, this is your entry into the mortgage world that gets your started with Accunet’s $2000 guaranteed Rock-Solid Pre-Approval and doesn’t end until you make your way to the closing table with cash still in your pocket due to Accunet’s money saving, industry rattling closing costs.

From Low-Overhead Butler, WI to the roof of Africa – the Blue Button knows no bounds…just ways to save you time and money, prevent you from experiencing home buying pitfalls and leave you feeling confident that you received a personalized plan giving you the best deal possible. This way you can concentrate on the important things in life, like turning that new house into home!
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