The Accunet Mortgage Show (6/28/20) Episode

Brian and David Wickert give advice on selling and buying a home, reflect on the current economic climate and answer your questions about the mortgage world.

This week’s highlights:

  • Brian and David review the 4 things that set Accunet Mortgage apart from local and national competitors.
  • There’s a shortage of homes for sale in Southeastern Wisconsin. But how does this stack up with the national housing market?
  • The economy still isn’t looking great—but it’s slowly getting better.

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The 4 types of mortgage lender, and how Accunet fits into the equation

In the mortgage world, you have a couple choices when it comes to picking a lender. With the exception of cash buyers, you’ll need to choose between one of the following lenders:

  1. Banks
  2. Credit unions
  3. Mortgage brokers
  4. Non-bank independent mortgage bankers (like Quickenloans, Freedom Mortgage, Accunet, etc.)

Last week, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released data on three types of mortgage lenders, and their respective hold on the industry. (Since mortgage brokers sell their mortgages to one of the other three lenders, they weren’t counted in the data.) Here’s what they found:

Banks originate 31.4% of mortgages in America

Credit unions originate 8.8% of mortgages in America

Non-bank independent mortgage bankers originate 54.5% of mortgages in America

Needless to say, Americans seem to overwhelmingly prefer non-bank independent mortgage bankers (like yours truly). But, at its core, mortgages are a commodity—the money you receive to buy a home from QuickenLoans is no different from Freedom Mortgage, or even from an Accunet loan.

So, what sets Accunet apart?

  • The quality of advice you receive</h3 >

    At Accunet, you are our top priority. You’ll pay the lower closing costs while still receiving quick response times and thoroughly researched guidance. Your future matters, which means things like retirement and college funds are always taken into consideration; we structure our mortgages accordingly.

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    The Rock Solid Guaranteed Pre-Approval</h3 >

    Buying or selling your home is an act of confidence. Our Rock Solid Guaranteed Pre-Approval gives you the security to need to not only put down an offer, but to be taken seriously by sellers and agents alike.

  • Get from pre-approval to closing effortlessly</h3 >

    Mortgages aren’t designed to be quick and easy. That’s why we take care of the hard stuff; so you can focus on things like work, life and finding your dream home.

  • Save money with low closing costs</h3 >

    With an Accunet mortgage, you pay minimal fees. Why? Because we’re smart with our money. On average, our closing costs are between $1,000 – $3,000 lower than the other guys, which means you have more cash on-hand when you get your dream home.

Want to learn more?

Learn more about the Accunet process, and find the right loan for your next home purchase!

Loan options

SE Wisconsin housing market update: June 28, 2020

Following with recent trends, we’re still experiencing a shortage of new listings in Southeastern Wisconsin.
So far in June, single-family detached home listings are down 24% year-over-year, with 606 fewer homes on the market than June 2019. This tracks pretty predictably with the last few months:

  • April 2020: 852 fewer listings than 2019
  • May 2020: 656 fewer listings than 2019
  • June 2020: 606 fewer listings than 2019

Now, you could take this as positive news, especially in the current economic climate; a shortage of listings means people aren’t being forced to sell their homes in droves due to financial hardship. But as a mortgage lender, we’re biased toward buyers—and the shortage does nothing but make their job harder.

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