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Get $100 - Along with the strongest mortgage pre-approval on the planet

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    If Accunet Mortgage is unable to provide a final loan approval that meets the terms of your Rock-Solid Fully-Verified Pre-Approval, Accunet will pay the Buyer $1,000 and also pay the Seller $1,000. It's the Seller guarantee that can put you agead of competing offers and makes you the next best thing to a cash buyer.

  • THE $100 REWARD*

    We know most home shoppers just "go with their bank" for a pre-approval, but most bank pre-approvals are flimsy (they only check your credit). And they sure don't back up their letters with a $2,000 guarantee. So, we'll send you $100 along with your Rock-Solid Pre-Approval as a reward for doing the smart thing.

Rock-Solid Pre-Approval

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