The Accunet Mortgage Show (8/14/16 Episode)

Of the five counties in the Milwaukee Metro-area, which has lower home sales in July compared to last year? Accunet’s Chief Honesty Officer Brian Wickert along with Millennial Loan Consultant David Wickert are here to explain the answers and what they mean on this week’s episode of the Accunet Mortgage and Realty Show.

Additionally, Brian and David discuss the three main contingencies on an offer to purchase contract in Wisconsin. They brief on home inspection and appraisals, but really delve into financing, so if you’re looking to bail out of a contract for whatever reason, this is what you need to know. Moving on in the program, Brian and David discuss a few stories from the mortgage world trenches including what to do with disputed credit items, including one handled by a different lender that dropped the ball on the buyer’s credit dispute.
To close out this week’s show, Brian and David discuss the sometimes painfully detailed underwriting rules for condos and what the fastest selling markets are in SE Wisconsin. Listen in and learn from the team putting a roof over your head without the headache – Accunet Mortgage.
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