The Accunet Mortgage Show (1/7/17 Episode)

We talk about it all the time at Accunet, but how important is that Rock-Solid Pre-Approval? Accunet president Brian Wickert and millennial loan consultant David Wickert discuss this and more on this week’s Accunet Mortgage and Realty Show.

Also on this week’s show the Wickert duo discuss those alluring property value estimating websites, and they give you the scoop on how seriously you should take its estimates by breaking down in real dollars what the margin of error really looks like.
To close out the show, Brian and David give a weekly rate round-up, give evem more proof on January being a great time to list a house as well as the 2016 Housing and Condo sale numbers in the greater Milwaukee-metro area. Listen in to hear all the details from the team putting a roof over your head without the headaches – Accunet Mortgage.
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