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Make yourself the “Next Best Thing to a Cash Buyer” with a Rock-Solid Guaranteed Fully-Verified Pre-Approval from Accunet. If we can’t make good on your Rock-Solid Pre-approval letter, we’ll pay both you and the Seller $1,000 each. Don’t settle for a flimsy bank pre-approval.

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7 Surprises for First-Time Wisconsin Home Buyers

On its surface, purchasing a home seems like a pretty straight-forward task. Don’t you just find a house, put in an offer, get a loan and cozy up to your new fireplace by the end of the week? Unfortunately, this isn’t how homebuying in Wisconsin works, and for good reason.

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The Accunet Mortgage Show (2/16/20 Episode)

Brian and David discuss the factors behind low mortgage rates, what NOT to do when your loan is being processed, how to write a winning offer in 2020, and more on this week’s episode. This week’s highlights: The coronavirus has caused a true black swan event; something unseen and unpredicted that stresses and changes the …

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