Accunet Community Involvement

We work with organizations across the Milwaukee area to improve our community and the lives of its members. Our community engagement ranges from volunteer opportunities to finding low-rate, affordable mortgages for those who need them most. We recognize our unique position in the Milwaukee housing market, and we use everything in our power to pay it forward.

Our latest engagement projects:

May 2019 - Habitat for Humanity partnershipPictured: Crystal with Accunet Loan Consultants Jerry Serketich, Kevin Custer and Tim Holdmann.

May 4, 2019: Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity

After a lifetime of unreliable landlords and overpriced rent, Crystal is working with Habitat for Humanity toward homeownership. The Accunet team had the honor of meeting and working with Crystal on building her home May 1-4, where we got to know her incredible story; Crystal has dreams of being a foster parent, and hopes a reliable, loving home will create a path toward adoption and stability in the lives of children.

Accunet is proud to be sponsoring Crystal’s new home, and we look forward to our continued partnership with Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity both on-site and in the boardroom. Welcome to the neighborhood, Crystal — we’re so happy you’re here!

Pictured: Crystal with Accunet Loan Consultants Jerry Serketich, Kevin Custer and Tim Holdmann.

Feb. 28, 2019: Midtown 100, Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity

In February, Dominic became the proud owner of a home she helped to build with Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity in the city’s Midtown neighborhood. The home was built as part of Midtown 100, Habitat for Humanity’s goal to build or renovate 100 homes in Milwaukee’s Midtown neighborhood. Accunet Mortgage was the lead sponsor of the home; It was the second full house sponsored by Accunet in as many years.

Dominic and her 18-year-old daughter worked 300 volunteer hours building their home, homes of other future Habitat owners and in the Habitat Restore. Accunet and Habitat worked in tandem to secure a low-interest $95,000 mortgage to complement Dominic’s hard work in achieving homeownership.

Accunet owner and president Brian Wickert (who’s also a member of the Milwaukee Habitat board of directors) was on-hand for the dedication ceremony attended by about 30 Milwaukee Habitat volunteers and staff members, and he presented Dominic with a photo of some of the Accunet team members who worked on framing her home last May. 

Accunet Habitat for Humanity partnershipCongratulations, Dominic, and welcome home!
Accunet and Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Miracle MarathonAccunet is proud to continue partnering with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin for healthier kids, and a healthier community.

Jan. 15, 2019: WKLH’s Miracle Marathon, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

On Jan. 15, Accunet hosted WKLH’s Morning Show to talk about the company’s involvement with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and their Miracle Marathon fundraising program.

In 2002, Accunet founded the Accunet Mortgage Fund for School-Based Nurses in partnership with Children’s Hospital. The program places registered nurses in Milwaukee Public Schools, providing easy, reliable access to healthcare. Among other things, the nurses work to manage chronic illnesses in students, spearhead medical education campaigns and provide resources on issues like alcoholism, drug use and anger management.

The program supports community healthcare at a grassroots level to effectively reach those who need it the most. 

Oct. 12, 2018: Framing the Future Gala, Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity

Accunet participated in Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity’s annual Framing the Future Gala, where Habitat kicks off each new year of community and service with a fundraiser. Accunet worked with our amazing employees, customers, vendors, real estate agents and competitors to donate $75,000 toward Habitat’s 2019 goals

The gala, which resulted in $300,000 worth of donations, kicks off Midtown 100, a Habitat project which will result in 65 new homes, 15 complete renovations and 20 major repairs in Milwaukee’s Midtown neighborhood before the end of 2020.

Habitat’s latest housing revitalization effort is taking place in Washington Park, just west of Midtown. So far, 215 families have been provided with safe, affordable housing, complete with low-rate mortgages to promote financial security.

Accunet Midtown 100 involvement

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