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The Accunet Mortgage Learning Center is your ultimate guide to learning the ins and outs of the mortgage industry. Regardless of whether you're buying your first home, looking to refinance, or simply want to learn more about today's rates and loan options, Accunet's team of loan officers will provide expert advice to handle any mortgage scenario.

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Rock-Solid Pre-Approved Buyer Beats Out Cash Offer!

Normally, a “cash buyer” (a home buyer who doesn’t need a mortgage) is considered the most desirable by a home seller. That said, Accunet recently helped a couple win against a cash buyer, and two others, in a multiple-offer situation.

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7 To-Dos During a Final Walk-Through

You’re in the home stretch, and it’s an exciting feeling. You have found the perfect house, gotten your loan in order, made your offer and the seller has accepted. Inspections have been performed, and you can’t wait to move in. Before you crack out the celebratory bubbly, however, there is one last step to take …

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Is Homeowners’ Insurance Tax Deductible in 2018?

When we’re engaged with our clients during the home buying or refinancing process, a large part of our job is to educate our clients so they can make the best decision based on their unique situation. While we’re the mortgage experts, oftentimes we will get questions that don’t necessarily relate directly to mortgages, but rather …

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The Real Impact of Tax Reform on Home Buying

The dire “Chicken Little” warnings from economists, real estate and mortgage industry leaders that the new federal income tax rules will lead to falling home prices and fewer home buyers are, from where I sit at the front lines of real estate and mortgage lending, simply out of touch with reality. Here’s why:

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Accunet’s Top 5 Rules for Smart Borrowing

Over the past 18 years, Accunet has seen its fair share of missteps and missed opportunities made by borrowers when purchasing or refinancing a home. Here’s what we think a prospective borrower would benefit from knowing before he or she decides how much to borrow and how fast to pay back the mortgage.

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