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The Accunet Mortgage Learning Center is your ultimate guide to learning the ins and outs of the mortgage industry. Regardless of whether you're buying your first home, looking to refinance, or simply want to learn more about today's rates and loan options, Accunet's team of loan officers will provide expert advice to handle any mortgage scenario.

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Chief Storm Team Officer

This is Brian Wickert, Chief Storm Team Officer with a perfect storm alert. Right now we have an economic low pressure system that’s allowing mortgage rates to inch downward. I could explain why, but let’s focus on the what instead. If your current mortgage rate is 4.5 percent or higher and your mortgage balance is $180,000 …

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Tip #2 & Tip #3 for writing a successful offer to purchase

TIP #2 – Allow 30 days for both your financing and appraisal contingencies — AND — Tip #3 – CONTACT YOUR LENDER the same day you get an accepted offer. Don’t wait! I can’t tell you how many times we get the call from a buyer saying, “We just passed our inspection contingency. So now we …

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Tip #4 for Writing a Successful Offer

Tip #4 – Get on equal (or near-equal) footing with the “right to cure” defects Problem: In the standard WI Offer to Purchase, any defects found during your inspection or testing are only required to be cured in a “good and workmanlike manner” with evidence of completion provided by Seller no later than 3 days …

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Tip #5 for writing a successful (but safe) Offer to Purchase

Tip #5 — STICK WITH THE PLAN! To be successful in today’s Seller market, you can’t write your offer contingent on the sale of your current home and expect to compete with similar offers without the contingency. We have a transaction in process right now where a relocating doctor wisely wrote their purchase offer without …

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