Chief Storm Team Officer

This is Brian Wickert, Chief Storm Team Officer with a perfect storm alert. Right now we have an economic low pressure system that’s allowing mortgage rates to inch downward. I could explain why, but let’s focus on the what instead. If your current mortgage rate is 4.5 percent or higher and your mortgage balance is $180,000 or more, you should not go to your basement or climb in your bathtub. You should get a Refinance Check-Up immediately.
While this low pressure low rate system stays in place overhead, Accunet can deliver a 3.875% APR with no points and no closing costs on a $180,000 20-year fixed if you have 25 percent equity and all the other positive attributes. But there’s another front on the horizon – this Friday we get the monthly jobs report which could blow this low rate system right out of here. Don’t wait, go to the Refinance Check-Up page and find out how much you can save. We now return to regular programming.

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