Chief Market Watcher

This is Brian Wickert, Chief Market Watcher. Last week was all about the US economy, the US jobs report and an increased likelihood that the Federal Reserve would raise rates at its next meeting in September. And mortgage rates were creeping up.
shutterstock_161794949 But that was last week. Yesterday, China announced it was devaluing its currency in hopes of giving a boost to its flagging economy (which is the second-largest economy in the world). So when economic activity in China slows down, the ripples reach all the way around the globe. The result for US home shoppers and homeowners is that the trophy rate of 3.875% with no points is back on a $200,000 30-year fixed if you have 25% equity and all the other right stuff. At least for a short visit anyway, and only if you choose a super-efficient mortgage lender like Accunet. The APR is 3.90. If your current rate is 4.5% or higher or you have an accepted offer, click on the blue button at and find out what Wisconsin’s most efficient lender can do for you. That’s

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